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Miss Pinkerton — Mary Roberts Rinehart. One, Miss Pinkerton reads differently than most modern mysteries. Due in large part to the had-I-but-known writing device, Rinehart is credited with founding. Initially, until I read enough to understand her style, it felt very staccato. Second, Rinehart not only was a novelist but a trained nurse as well.

This hands-on experience allows Rinehart to infuse nurse Hilda Adams with some real depth, allowing our amateur detective to rise above her cookie-cutter counterparts in other mysteries of a similar vintage. Each fitting well into the narrative, they add extra layers to the story and the characters. So what? She always does. But in addition to becoming a Mide , Stephen has a powerful need to know, to understand. And he has to learn who he is first, hence the coming-of-age bit.

It makes for some off-the-charts tension. Blowout came from an interesting question. Rachel Maddow wondered why Putin would risk messing with the US election. So why the risk?

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It is an interesting question. Along with way, she provides a succinct and entertaining history of the oil industry and the birth of fracking. And the center of it all is Ukraine. Power, money, oil, natural gas, and more power. They found the most ragged faults and fissures in our democracy: immigration, race, religion, economic injustice, mass shootings.

Then they poured infectious waste into them. She adroitly shows he fracked us. What is or was farce is clearly shown to be. You hear her voice in her words as clearly as if she was sitting at your side reading it to you. Blowout is a gusher of info and a barrel of fun. It is also a serious work. It is great fun. It provides an entertaining and informative biography of Hammett as the tour proceeds around the city, telling you what he did when he lived at this address or that address, why this building or that building is mentioned in The Maltese Falcon and what the support of that conclusion is the late PI and crime writer Joe Gores plays a hefty part in the opinions , and includes photos and maps of the routes.

Bill Farley and I were some kind of contractors, doing painting in someone home certainly affected by my current work in a hardware store.

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Empty bookshelves were stacked to the left side of the door in front of a big window. There were also some that were jammed with books — I think it was the beginning of the alphabet. There were shelves lining the walls and Amber was busy loading books into them. I stepped behind the register to ring someone up and there was suddenly a long line of people plus a cranky old woman who wanted to ask question NOW. Then the space was much smaller and it was hard to move around the shelves that cluttered the space.

Not sure what that means…. The following is a guest review Brenda Winter Hansen, someone JB now has the great pleasure to work with. In A Trick of Light , three very different misfits who have suffered significant losses deal with the hand fate has dealt them. Desperation and determination lead each of them down different and often intersecting paths until they weave themselves into a clever satisfying narrative that reminds us how often love, loss, and rebirth are tightly bound within the stories of all our lives.

Nia is a teenager who has been kept away from the real world her whole life by a loving yet intensely controlling father with the best of intentions. Raised in a virtual reality world, she is a true digital native and hungers for the real world and visceral connections with real people more than anything. Cameron is the young adult son of a computer genius who disappeared in a freak storm on the lake when Cameron was very young. Cameron tempts fate by sailing into the recurring freak storm and is struck by lightning which changes his life and mind forever. This character-driven origin story set in a near-future near-apocalypse world, does a great job of keeping the characters realistic.

Their authentic actions and dialogue drive the plot forward in a believable, if not always elegant, manner. But what about young adulthood is elegant? The authors reflect an astute awareness of the emotional inner life of teens and how their attempts to build relationships sometimes end up alienating them. When they do connect, their darker and often destructive emotions rise to the top to fight against the injustices of their world.

A healthy dose of creepy cool and gruesome elements pepper this novel without being over the top disgusting or gratuitous. There is plenty action and intrigue that kept me page turning until the end. Some readers might find the plot a bit drawn out, but believability of the characters made up for it beautifully. The relationship building between Nia and Cameron is well done; from their awkward moments and visceral yearning, to conflicts and resolutions. I found myself wanting additional back story so the brotherly bond between Cameron and Juaquo would feel more believable. The digital world is a constant feature in the landscape of this novel, and there is even an out loud reference to the seminal Ready Player One.

With cinematic storytelling, one can easily envision the conflation of virtual and real worlds. A Trick of Light bears the influence of The Matrix but not overly so and I can easily imagine and hope to see this as a movie. The complications of dealing with social media as a teen in the 21st century is tangled among a narrative that questions reality.

This video shows Ethologist Lucy Rees thoughts on followership.

What is real? Who is real? In the end you are left to wonder if feelings are the realest thing we have since they seem to be what define us the most. Without feelings, who are we?

Any consequences? Canada: arrest of ex-head of intelligence shocks experts and alarms allies. Did he set in motion the Manson killings and the myth of Helter Skelter?

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Revealed: how the FBI targeted environmental activists in domestic terror investigations. She never arrived. But who ruined everything? Book clinic: who are the best alternatives to Agatha Christie? Mistakes are Embarrassing the Publishing Industry. A fairy tale in Edmonds: The Neverending Bookshop is a crafty destination for fantasy lovers. Criminal on Netflix: The restrictions of film and TV confined to one location.

Remake The Princess Bride? Next should be a woman says Bond star Pierce Brosnan. Dylan Meconis, Oct.

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Clyde Ford, Oct. Curt Colbert, Oct. Benjamin Percy, Oct. Elliot Bay Books. Legendary homicide detective on the end of his hit show and how he solved all those crimes without killing anyone. September The monster of all US conspiracy theories. September A Texas Ranger got a prolific serial killer to talk. This is how.

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September 1: Leslie H. September 6: Marita Lorenz, the spy who loved Fidel Castro died. September A great personality and competitor! Amber will miss watching him cook very much. Chefs Remember Carl Ruiz. A serial killer bent on cleansing New York of the men who perpetrate crimes against women. Rather than making sure they face actual justice our vigilante, calling herself Lady Justice, bestows her own in a very public fashion. This is a fast fun read. Perhaps not as dense as some of the installments in the In Death Series, it is still satisfying.

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Even better, it furthers the storylines of a couple of the regular cast members, which is always fun to read. Robb also dispenses with the boilerplate introductions of her characters in this book! Which I must say moved the book along better and for us, long-time readers it was a fantastic improvement to the story! Chien works her food theme into the mystery flawlessly where it is both ever-present but NEVER detracts from the mystery itself.

Our heroine Lana Lee is flawed, fearless, and fun. In Wonton of Terror Lana runs into some old family friends who, as it turns out, have some serious problems.