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I needed to reestablish my masculinity and polarity and let go of any bitterness and past resentment. You want to be her stud. You want to be THAT GUY: the one she cannot resist and who makes her feel so damn sexy, so freaking alive, she gives it up at every opportunity. Or, even better, she turns into a tigress who loves nothing more than entertaining herself by looking for new sexual adventures the two of you can share.

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Imagine what it would feel like to see her crawling toward you from the foot of the bed with so much lust in her eyes you fear you might bust a load before she clears your ankles. Well, you just struck gold because I have made it my mission to transform soon-to-be-sexless marriages into a never ending honeymoon. Hear this: Every man and woman deserves the close physical intimacy and connection of sensual love. There is no shame in wanting affection, touch, sensuality and crazy-good sex with your partner. Please take that in.

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When my marriage was falling apart from a lack of intimacy, our marriage counselor told us a waning of desire for each other was only natural… to be expected. Have to.

Never Beg for Sex: Stop Begging for Sex and what to do instead

Start Slow. You need technique. And you need to develop skills. Look, most women get bored with their husbands.

How to have him begging for more

Women require a lot more variety than they usually get, and men think they know more than they actually do about lovemaking techniques. The oxytocin that makes you fall in love declines. Now you have to ramp it up. Reviving her sex drive starts with masculine sexual leadership.

Being a masculine sexual leader in the bedroom — especially if you have a strong woman at home — is the ticket to her initiating sex with you. These skills will expand the sexual menu for both of you.

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Read and listen to these two ebooks and audiobook that condense down everything into 4 steps to rekindle her passion. After listening, men tell me they were surprised to discover that they had been going about seducing her all wrong! To help them turn things around, I gave them stealth seduction tricks, sure-fire ways to romance her.

Whatever you do, stop talking to her about your sex life!

Do This If Your Girlfriend’s Not interested In Sex

And watch her respond. Remember: she secretly wants you to take the lead! In time you will produce such powerful physical responses, her body will be unable to resist you. If you want more passion in your relationship, you need to get busy. Ignite the visual side of his eroticism by giving him a show that will turn him on more than anything.

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Sure, guys like to be in charge — but not ALL the time. Have you heard of his perineum? A great way to really intensify oral sex for him is to reach back and grip his butt hard with your hands. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Website by Keller Digital.

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