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Click the icons on the map below and read on for information on La Concorde's known voyages prior to its capture by Blackbeard. This Google Map approximates the historical map locations and provides the information originally researched and produced by Allison Suggs, Karen Browning, and Dr. Jacques Ducoin.

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The prominent French merchant, Rene Montaudoin, owned the ship, which operated out of the port of Nantes. French records recount three slave trading expeditions of Montaudoin's La Concorde ; one in , a second in , and the third and final voyage in Unfortunately, it's unclear as to how Montaudoin acquired La Concorde or the date and place of the ship's construction. During the eighteenth century, Nantes, located at the mouth of the Loire River, was the center of the French slave trade.

For much of that century, the Montaudoin family operated the leading company involved in this nefarious but lucrative enterprise. Ships would leave Nantes in the spring loaded with trade goods and travel down the west coast of Africa.

There, the captain would purchase a cargo of enslaved Africans to be transported to the New World. The transatlantic voyage, known as the Middle Passage, would take up to two months to complete. The Africans were usually sold at the French islands of Guadeloupe, Martinique, or Saint Domingue where they served as laborers in the sugar cane fields. To stop, most often used as a command. A ship holed or pierced by its own anchor.

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To kill someone. See also boom. Related: Areas of the Ship.

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Related: Ships. A ship being pursued, or the act of pursuing a ship. Related: Weaponry.

A set of rules which govern pirates behavior on a vessel. To spend the night in a house of ill repute. Related: Namecalling. To hang.

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Related: Places. Standard pirate excuse for leaving no survivors. Thick windows set in a ship's side or deck.

A warning issued before a cannon is fired. See also quarter. Related: Flags. Quickly or carefully; in a shipshape style. To direct a ship into the wind. To turn a vessel on its side for cleaning. An interjection meaning to come to a halt. Related: Famous Pirates.

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To lean to one side. See also: heel. To be stranded, particularly on a desert isle. See also maroon. Related: Financials. To slacken a line. To gain upon in a chase; to overtake.

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Robbery committed at sea. See also give no quarter.

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Tschudi says that while the cost of using this route ended up being comparable to the longer route through the Suez Canal, the company saved both time and fuel on the journey, and, of course, avoided the piracy in the Gulf of Aden that has been getting steadily worse since Piracy cases have continued to increase despite efforts of shipping companies to secure their ships while passing through the region; last year, a record 1, crew members were taken hostage, up from in But, he says, it does offer an option, as well as an opportunity for specialized vessels that could, for instance, start making shipments via rivers in Siberia where road transportation has long been a problem due to permafrost melt in summer.

The move, which not coincidentally took place during the first summer season in which the Northwest passage near Canada was free of sea ice, sent Canada, Denmark and the U.